Parent Testimonial 3

Miss Holly is above and beyond what I ever could have asked for as a teacher for my son. She is a bright, animated and passionate person who puts in an incredible amount of effort and time to ensure that her classroom is a warm, welcoming space full of various creative and challenging areas for the children to explore and discover. She is continuously exposing them to their environment and the natural world around them. She structures the children’s day so that they experience learning as fun and invigorating and also have enough free time to play and interact with one another. It is because of her influence that my son has developed a love of learning, exploring and an open and curious mind. Miss Holly is incredibly loving and supportive person. She has mastered the delicate balance of love and firmness that lets her students know they are loved but also expected to behave within her guidelines. Just as she adores and respects them, they adore and respect her. In addition to letters and numbers, Miss Holly has taught my son invaluable life skills about respect for his fellow classmates, empathy, patience and communication.